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Welcome to the admins page! These are our Ppgz admins


What are Admins?

Admins have the ability to block users, lock pages, and make badges. Admins have a responsibility to watch over pages and users and make sure users follow rules. They are also known as Power Puffs. They also have their own pages that describe them that only THEY have permission to edit.

What Chat mods do

Chat mods are the assistants of the admins. They keep watch over the chat room and the comments. These are users chosen by the administrators whom they believe is trustworthy among the chat room. Their responsibilitys are to keep watch over the chat. They also can help look for internet troll, sock puppets, and spams. They also keep track of the top pages. If any body add a page to the top page category, they will be blocked for 5 days. New to being a chat mod? Click Here: Ppgz Fanon Chat Mod Handbook

What can admins do?

Admins have the power to block users and block pages. They can also customize badges. New to being an admin? Then click here. Power Puff Girls Z Fanon Admin Handbook

  1. Admins can block users who:
  • break rules
  • steal work
  • make another user feel unsafe
  • mess up other user's pages
  • abuse user's
  • lie
  • claim other work that they don't own.
  • going around the Wiki and starting trouble

2. Admins can also add content to the Wiki. The admins must add the following to the content:

  • Admins: already added
  • Chat Mods
  • Top Users (by ranking)
  • Top Pages
  • Wiki categorys

Wiki categorys must be Power Puffs,Villains,Background Characters, Professors. Blah Blah Blah

Admins also keep watch of the Wiki, keeping track of the recent pages.

Our wiki's Promoted Admins!

These are our admins.

Admins(retired or demoted)

Newest Admins

Slushie the Snow pup: (in training)

Administrator History
Auroraheart101: Still Active
PpgzLover: Demoted