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This wiki is based on Bandai animation's ppgz-based on the ppg! On this page you are able to create your own fanmade characters and stories! So let's get started-first by reading the rule page!


1. Do not leave any bad comments on ANY work, like this is dumb or this text is baby speech or correct your grammar and DEFINITELY no cursing. Please leave supporting comments.

2. DO NOT copy any work. Borrowing some things is allowed. Like making one of your characters act like another user's. But first get permission from the user.

3. No cyber-bullying.  All of this has to stop. Everyone has a right to speak. But if you didn't know, humans have a thing called feelings. Please don't do this, or you will be forced to apologize to the user and never do it again. If you refuse, you will be blocked.

4. Do not use sexual content. This Wikia should be intended for ALL ages. Any inappropriate pages shall be deleted, and you shall be blocked.

5. Do not accuse others of stealing your work or someone else's and/or start a chat or comment chat about it. You and the person and anyone else involved will be blocked for up to 3 weeks. Please report the user to one of the admins and/or chat mods.

6. Do not add someone else's work to your profile unless you get permission to.


Hyper Breeze gift from _____________ This page is just an example from Auroraheart101.

7. Do not ask to be an admin or a chat moderate. Once we see your work we will determine who gets to be an admin. (Also, first 5 people who join are given the permission to an admin, chat mod, etc.)

9. Do not add your page to the top pages category. You will be blocked for up to a month on this Wiki. Once we see your work we will determine whether your page deserves to be in the category.

10. Don't abuse any admins or ask any if they can make you a chat mod. Admins will choose trustworthy members within the chat room. Also do not repetitively ask to be an administrator or a chat moderater or you will be blocked for up to 3 days.

11. Do not vandalize other user's work or user pages either, meaning going onto their pages and user page messing up their work. You will be banned from this Wikia and we will delete ALL of your work.

12.No cyber stalking. Users can get scared. If we find you doing this, we will ban you from the Wikia for good.

13. Please have fun. Don't compete to be number 1. This Wiki was made to have fun, where others can team up and create stories, and even groups. Don't forget to ask Admins and Chat Moderators for help!


We are the Power Puff Girls Z!

Flying high

We will stop criminals

Who are passing by!

In the flash of day

In the black of night

We the Power Puff Girls Z

Will fight for the light!


X: Warning

XX: In jail (blocked) for 3 days

XXX: In jail for 1 week

XXXX: In jail for 5 weeks

XXXXX: In jail for 1 year

XXXXXX or more: banned from page


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Auroraheart101 is your co-founder of this Wiki!


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I'm watching you! Please follow the instructions on this page. Be sure to read the Whole page before you get started guys.